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Furosemide is the most “gentle”, “pure” and safest oral steroid used for drying and losing weight.

Furosemide is considered the most powerful steroid in terms of its ability to enhance immunity. It deservedly belongs to the category of “premium class” steroids.

The steroid was created as a pharmacological agent for the treatment of people with a very weakened body (for example, people with HIV and other equally destructive diseases). For this reason, it is almost flawlessly tolerated by athletes and rarely causes any adverse reactions during use.

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All about the steroid profile Furosemide 

The drug is characterized by 400% anabolic and only 25% androgenic properties from “pure” testosterone. It does not “sin” by converting to estrogen (aromatization) since it is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and is characterized by mild hepatotoxicity (negative effect on liver function).

Furosemide is one of the few steroids that, due to its low androgenic and high anabolic activity, can be successfully and relatively safely used in the field of female bodybuilding.

Furosemide is also one of the very few steroids that can increase the sensitivity of tissues and cells to insulin and increase the natural secretion of growth hormone in the body, which also significantly increases the effectiveness of its administration and the severity of its main steroidal properties.

Due to the increased sensitivity of cells to insulin, the body is able to make do with less of this hormone. At a minimum, this reduces the rate of fat accumulation and allows you to maintain good physical shape for longer.

Strengths and other properties Furosemide

  • promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat and preserves the maximum amount of “dry” muscles during weight loss and drying
  • makes muscles more prominent, firm, and stiff
  • in the right combination with the right, AAC promotes the growth of “dry” and relief muscle weight
  • increases strength and endurance
  • characterized by low hepatotoxicity (effect on the liver), good tolerance, and almost complete absence of side reactions
  • does not affect libido (potency) and does not aromatize
  • increases the production of growth hormone and immunity
  • can be used in the field of female bodybuilding

How to apply Furosemide in bodybuilding 

Furosemide is one of the “leading” steroids for drying and weight loss. It will help get rid of subcutaneous fat, make the muscles harder, stiffer, and more prominent, as well as “preserve” it as much as possible during the drying period, while increasing strength and overall physical performance, ensuring good recovery. All this against the background of good tolerance and minimal risk of side effects.

However, athletes who already have sufficient muscle mass and a moderate body fat content will be able to get the most out of the substance-based solo cycle. One should not expect any significant increase in musculature on a “solo” cycle, since for this task Furosemide is used only in combined cycles.

Dosages and other recommendations for use

The cycle should be 5 to 8 weeks long. In most cases, the {substance} is consumed at a dosage of 40mg per day. Experienced athletes sometimes bring it up to 80mg. The indicated dosage is recommended to be divided into 2-3 doses throughout the day. If you decide to take Furosemide to increase your speed-power characteristics, then for your purpose it will be enough to use it in a dose of up to 20 mg daily.

Timely post-cycle therapy is very important 

For post-cycle therapy, you can take the antiestrogens Clomid and Tamoxifen. PCT should be started 2-3 days after the end of the cycle and carried out within three weeks. Clomiphene is taken at 100-50-25 mg per day, and “Tamox” at 30-20-10 mg per day – at 1-2-3 weeks of PCT.

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